Hola, I'm Jalyssa

Hola, I'm Jalyssa

Hola, I'm Jalyssa!

I am the owner here at Xo Jalyssa Photography & i'm so glad you're here.

I started doing photography as a part of a yearbook project when i was in high school. Shortly after high school I met a few photographers at my church & loved to tag along as they worked  I would pick up their fancy cameras for fun but never thought I'd be a true photographer one day.

Fast forward to having my 1st child in 2014. I needed to get my hands on a decent camera to be able to capture all of his precious moments. That's where things really took off. As I photographed my husband & son a lot of my social media friends started asking me to capture moments for their families. My passion for photography grew as I saw how much joy photos could bring to people.

Through photography you have the privilege of creating memories, telling stories, showing the world beauty. That is what I hope you find in my work. . .

Memories captured. . .

Stories told. . .

Beauty beheld. . .

I would love to work with you, let's chat!

Email- xoxojalyssa@gmail.com
Instagram- xojalyssaphotography

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