May is for Mamas- Crystal

May is for Mamas- Crystal

This month I want to highlight motherhood & it's beauty. I will be sharing different mamas with you + some of their thoughts/stories about their individual motherhood journeys. I hope you follow along & behold the beauty of each journey.

Meet Crystal. . .

"Where I'm from becoming a mother at 18 is usually called a mistake, but for me, it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life."

"Motherhood is about getting your hands dirty. Constantly cleaning, nurturing, yelling, & feeding until you're so tired you can barely make it to bed. But the feeling you get when you see them peacefully tucked in at night makes it all worth it."

"Motherhood has taught me me selflessness, maturity, & most importantly, patience."

Me: "If motherhood was like a garden, what does it look like tending to your garden?"

Crystal: "My garden isn't easy to maintain & sometimes it is unpredictable. But watching it grow is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

Thank you Crystal  for being a part of this.  I look forward to see you tend to your garden & seeing how God is growing it. xoxo Jalyssa

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