May is for Mamas- Hannah

May is for Mamas- Hannah

This month I want to highlight motherhood & it's beauty. I will be sharing different mamas with you + some of their thoughts/stories about their individual motherhood journeys. I hope you follow along & behold the beauty of each journey.

Meet Hannah. . .

"Motherhood has exposed a lot of my inner insecurities. It has also exposed beautiful parts of me That I never knew existed. I didn't think I was capable of loving someone so deeply. Motherhood has taken me way past what I thought my limits were & has crowned me with grace. Being a mom has changed me. . . for the better."

"Motherhood is the collision of grit & grace. Meaning, motherhood is full of moments where we have to bear down & push past obstacles (exhaustion, behaviors, missed expectations, etc.) The ability to do that is called grit. But in the midst of us bearing down there are beautiful pictures of grace. Grace that covers mistakes, the graceful dance of motherhood. The grace is extended to us & by us."

"We decided not to put Khalai on social media not just for him, but also for ourselves. It is so easy to get caught up in the pressure of social media. The pressure & comparison to look, act, be, & perform in a certain way. We don't want to put that on ourselves or on him concerting who he "should be". If I'm honest, my motives for even putting him online would be for the approval of others & I am trying to fight that desire. Let me say this, we don't think social media is bad. We just want to be cautious & intentional about what we decide to do with + for our children."

Me: "If motherhood was like a garden, what does it look like tending to your garden?"

Hannah: "My garden is simple & full of life. It is far from perfect but each thing in it has purpose, even the weeds. I am still figuring out what it looks like to nurture all its unique parts. . . but it has my time, my intentional thoughts, & my commitment to help it flourish."

Thank you Hanna  for being a part of this.  I truly admire seeing you tend to your garden & seeing how God is growing it. xoxo Jalyssa

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