May is for Mamas - Monikka 

May is for Mamas - Monikka 

This month I want to highlight motherhood & it’s beauty. I will be sharing different mamas with you + some of their thoughts/stories about their individual motherhood journeys. I hope you follow along & behold the beauty of each journey.

Meet Monikka.

"Motherhood is the most glorious, exhausting, rewarding, confusing, beautiful chaos I have ever experienced. It is a continuous learning, growing, humbling experience.

Monikka & her husband tried for 3 years before they were able to get pregnant with their 1st son Sylas. Here is what Monikka had to say about finally seeing a positive pregnancy test. . .

"I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Throughout my pregnancy I realized no matter how hard pregnancy can be it is so miraculous."

"Motherhood has shown me how selfish I can be & also how much grace I need in my life."

"I hope my children know that in this messy & broken world, we did & chose everything we believed was best for them."

"Motherhood has made me constantly reevaluate who I am & who I want to be. It has been a constant analysis of what direction I want for my family."

Me: "If motherhood was like a garden, what does it look like tending to your garden?"

Monikka: "A constant, non-stop, giving + nourishment of self. Constantly pruning & plucking is necessary. Motherhood is a very busy garden that needs a lot of attention."

Thank you Monikka for being a part of this  It has been beautiful watching you tend to your garden & seeing how God is growing it. xoxo Jalyssa

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