May is for Mamas - Tatiana

May is for Mamas - Tatiana

This month I want to highlight motherhood & it’s beauty. I will be sharing different mamas with you + some of their thoughts/stories about their individual motherhood journeys. I hope you follow along & behold the beauty of each journey.

Meet Tatiana. . .

Motherhood is one of the biggest sacrifices a woman can make. It is opportunity to bring a little human being into this world and to raise them by any means necessary. To nurture, love, cherish, and mold. It’s a challenge but it’s reward is so much greater.

The first few weeks after having my daughter were some of the hardest of my life. I cried and cried and cried. I felt alone and lost. My hormones were all over the place and dealing with baby blues was a struggle for me. I had to make adjustments that worked for my family and it allowed for me to rise above and be the best mother I could be. 

Motherhood has taught me that I can do anything. It’s given me a confidence and a belief in myself that I never had before. I was so worried about if I could be a "good mom". All of doubt disappeared once my baby was here and I had the chance to love her. I’ve learned that no matter whar the circumstance may be I will do anything I can for my daughter. It’s only made me a bigger dreamer, harder worker, and a better woman. I love motherhood so much and couldn’t think of a better blessing to be given.

 Me- "If motherhood was like a garden, what does it look like tending to your garden?" 

Tatiana- “In my garden I am planting seeds. I’m caring for them everyday making sure they are watered and in the right conditions. I protect them from harm. Each day little buds slowly start appearing that let me know I am doing alright and I keep going. It’s not easy by my garden is growing and it is such a beautiful sight to behold.”

Thank you Tatiana  for being a part of this.  I absolutely love seeing you tend to your garden & seeing how God is growing it. xoxo Jalyssa

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