Tatianna + Evan Maternity

Tatianna + Evan Maternity

I absolutely love all things pregnancy. Capturing maternity photos for this beautiful couple was so much fun. their excitement for their sweet baby girl is evident in these photos. The genuine love between them is just as evident. 

"Tatianna, what are you most looking forward to about seeing Evan become a father.”
Tatianna-“I’m most excited to see this new side of him & just fall in love with him all over again as I watch him build this new beautiful relationship with our daughter.” 

“What makes you most excited when you think about being a mama to a baby girl?”
Tatianna-“Raising a beautiful little girl into a confident woman & getting the opportunity to instill values in her that will allow her to do anything she sets her mind to. Also just having a little friend that will bring so much joy to my life.” 

“Evan, what are you looking most forward to when you think about watching Tatianna become a mama?”
Evan- “The thing I look forward to the most about Tot being a mom are her passing on her traits of love & kindness. I look forward to her raising a girl to be a woman, a wonderful person. I look forward to her taking on a new role and her being amazing at it. I look forward to seeing her be a great mom because she is already such a great wife.”

All the feels for this sweet family & I just love their love.

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